Vindictus Boss Monster Guide: Wood Man Guard

This article will serve as a boss monster guide for the MMORPG Vindictus, covering the various details and stats about the Wood Man Guard npc, with a walkthrough on how to defeat it. Vindictus is a unique new style of action oriented combat, MMORPG. You can click the numbers by the thumbnail above to see images of what’s covered.
Vindictus Boss Monsters – Wood Man Guard
The Wood Man Guard is found at the end of the Mercenary Training Site battle in Perilous Ruins. He is the final encounter in this battle, and the primary objective of the main mission, being to kill the Wood Man Guard. This guys is a larger, faster and smarter version of the Wood Man enemies you have been fighting up to the point of this encounter. He attacks in exactly the same way, crouching down momentarily before slamming his mace into you with his melee attack. Dodge out of the way as soon as he begins to crouch, since his swing comes sooner than the smaller enemies, and cannot be stopped with your hits.

Picking up and throwing some of the various debris, particularly rock chunks from some of the destroyable pillars in the common enemy encounter prior to the boss, is an excellent way of causing some heavy damage to the boss. If you’re going to do this, I advise you make sure you put some distance between you and the boss, since he can quickly catch up to you and smash you while trying to pull this off. Landing enough heavy blows on him will make him incapacitated for a moment, granting you time for some free attacks while he slumps over. Don’t confuse this with his crouch, as they look somewhat similar.

Downing Wood Man Guard drops 3 cores on normal and 4 cores on hard. The Wood Man Guard is found within the Perilous Ruins, Mercenary Training Site battle and can drop one of the following items:
Wooden Plank – Plank of wood used in crafting various items, particularly weapons.
Empty Bottle – Empty bottle used to hold liquid that is used for crafting potions.
Gunpowder – Unstable chemical that explodes violently, used to make various bombs.
Small Bomb – Secondary weapon that causes an explosion, damaging all nearby enemies.
Spear – Secondary weapon that can be used as a throwing weapon, chucking them long distances to impale your enemies. Great fun to use.

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