Several Really Sucky Side Effects of Runescape’s Double XP Weekends

Double XP Weekends are being honed as one of the best features added to Jagex’s ultra-popular MMO, but behind the allure of being able to gain extra XP bonuses during Runescape’s Double XP Weekends is a very dark side to this Runescape phenomenon.
The Runescape economy will be turned on its head

If you are planning to take part in the Runescape Double XP Weekend, it’s best that you purchase your training items weeks in advance and if you’re not planning to participate in Runescape’s Double XP Weekends – or won’t be able to participate – you’ll be screwed over big time. During the week of and the week after Runescape’s Double XP Weekend, the prices of objects in the Grand Exchange will raise to “holy crap, I can’t afford that much” prices. Prices will sky rocket as RS players clamor to get their hands on XP boosting items.

Double XP Weekends create an unfair boost in XP

If you’re already a lvl 99 in all skills or worked hard to level up to your elite rank, Jagex’s Double XP Weekends will only mean that more noobs will be able to get to your rank without breaking as much sweat and spending as much time as you did to achieve your current rank. Jagex is extending a helping hand to new and somewhat seasoned RS users during Double XP Weekends, but in doing so, they are screwing over Runescape veterans that have been playing the game for ages.

Free members aren’t able to take part in double XP weekends

If you’re a free Runescape user, not only will you suffer from the sucky side effects of Runscape’s Double XP Weekends, but you won’t be able to take part in all of the XP bonuses that everyone else is salivating about – as Jagex will only reward their paying (P2P) members with double XP during the Double XP Weekends.

If you miss out on the Double XP weekend you’ll be royally screwed

Even if you are a P2P Runescape member, you’ll still run the risk of missing out on Runescape’s Double XP weekend if you aren’t aware of it, simply forget to log on during that weekend, or are not able to participate in Runescape’s Double XP weekend do to work, a previous engagement, or an important emergency. There are no rollover minutes when it comes to Double XP Weekends and if you are unable to play for those three days, you’ll be totally screwed.

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