How to Farm Gold by Mining at Darkshore in World of Warcraft

Over 8 million people play World of Warcraft, and for most, their number one beef is the inability of lower-level starter players to earn money on their server. For low-level characters in Darkshore, mining is a terrific way to quickly bump up your gold stash. Make sure that you have a mining pick and the mining skill from the trainer in town and head out to the Moonkin. There are quests all around the Moonkin but you’ll mainly be circling this Moonkin section over and over again until you are no longer getting experience points for killing them. Experience is secondary to what we are after.
After you pick up your mining skill and mining pick, head toward the Moonkin and make sure your “Find Minerals” skill is equipped. Kill Moonkin on your path to hit all the dots that come up on your mini-map. You will find 90% copper mines, with the occasional tin and silver spawn. By doing endless circles around the caves where the Moonkin are you can gather stacks of ore in an hour, plus you will be gathering the light feather that the Moonkin will drop when you kill them. They will also drop small eggs, but they rarely bring gold to the auction house unless you are in the middle of Christmas where they go for a high amount due to the eggnog and the Christmas cookie recipes that will float around.

Mining copper and farming light feather can net you around 5-10 gold an hour, which for a low-level newcomer is a good starter profession and can up your bounty before you head into harder areas. This can purchase some higher-tier armor so that the upcoming areas are easier.

Typically prices will vary widely depending on the server that you are playing on, and the economy of the auction house. On my server, Feathermoon, these are the current auction house prices on World of Warcraft for the things you will get farming gold at the Moonkin caves in Darkshore.

light feather 3-4 gold a stack of 20

copper ore 3- 3.5 gold a stack of 20

copper bar 1-2 gold a stack of 20

This is a good way to get your quests done, your experience raised quickly for the area, and net you some quick and easy gold while going through Darkshore on your way to your next town. For it all to work, you must have mining skills, however, the light feathers will drop for anyone and you can farm them no matter what skills you decided to have on your character. Good luck.

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