New World Territories and Settlements


The locations of the settlements in New World are pre-determined within the Aeternum. Each one of these locations has a predefined layout that players upgrade to once they have complete control of the settlement. Aeternum is broken down into different territories, and many of them have their own fort and settlement.

What is the difference?

Settlement is an area where players socialize with one another, in this new world settlements guide. They can perform various activities like buying properties, trading goods, crafting items, and working on town projects. Besides that, they can also support their respective factions through missions. The area also serves as a respawn point if a player dies. You can even purchase your own house where and manage your storage spaces and trophy perks.

A fort is what needs to be defended in a territory during war breakouts. It serves as the control point in PVP worlds, and it’s also what players often target to claim a territory.

How do you claim territory?

The only way to claim territory is through war; however, there’s an exception – During a new server launch there are no territory owners, so if there’s unclaimed territory, you can claim it by paying a fee at the fort. It’s worth noting that you need to travel to the fort as it cannot be done in the settlement, for this new world settlements guide.

Once the pre-requites quests are completed, you can choose between three factions, and after that, create or join a company. The company will then inherit the faction of the creator and control territory and settlement. The controlled territory can be developed into a city with several crafting stations, a tax system, fort, houses, etc for new world territory standing.

Who is the owner of the territory?

The leader of the company owns the territory, who is also known as a Governor. However, the actual owner is the faction that the company belongs to, and they simply act as the front image for that very faction. Territory maintenance fee also needs to be paid to the faction.

What are the responsibilities of a governor?

The governor sets the tax rate and fee to collect the dues that are owed to the respective faction. Besides that, a governor maintains the control of the territory for the faction, while also upgrading the quality of life in the settlement. This can be done by starting Town Projects. Also, you need to own a house in the territory’s settlement to be a resident.

What happens when the governor is not around?

Well, if the governor is not around or can’t play for whatever reasons, the governor appoints a Consul or multiples of them to handle the territorial work. Consuls, at that given time, will have the same power as the governor so these players need to be someone trustable.

How to upgrade a settlement?

The crafting and refining stations in a settlement can be upgraded. Upgrading them unlocks access to craft high-quality powerful items. Other than that, the lifestyle buffs and fort can also be upgraded. The buffs are powerful, holding long-term bonuses with respect to crafting and combat. Every town upgrade costs more in weekly town maintenance.

Players who don’t have a house in the settlement will not receive the benefits of lifestyle buffs for new world territory standing. These buffs are activated through Town Projects that are set by the company controlling the territory.

What are town projects?

Town projects are large-scale activities completed by players to upgrade their settlements. The projects are activated by the governor, and players can participate in these missions to progress towards completion. The town project board is located nearby the town hall of every settlement, and you can locate them by pressing the ‘M’ key to access the world map.

Here’s a good example – let’s say that you want to upgrade the forge in your settlement to unlock powerful items to craft. Well, you need to activate the Upgrade Forge town project and then you, along with the company members need to complete the objective. It’s worth noting that if you don’t focus on the upkeep of the settlements the levels can also drop.

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